Call for Papers: Trauma Studies in the Digital Age

  • 10-12 May, 2017, University of Amsterdam

Mediated Testimony Symposium

  • 12 June 2017, Utrecht University, Janskerkhof 15 A, Room 202

Call for Papers: Mnemonics 2017 - The Social Life of Memory

  • September 7-9, 2017 at Goethe University Frankfurt

International Conference: Thinking Through the Future of Memory

International Conference: Thinking Through the Future of Memory
  • December 3-5, 2016; De Nieuwe Liefde, Da Costakade 102, Amsterdam

Memory studies is currently undergoing rapid expansion and is receiving growing recognition in academic and policy circles. However, concerns are being raised that the field’s expansion has not been matched by concomitant advances in theoretical groundwork, methodological sophistication and professional organization. At the most recent meeting of the Research Network on Transnational Memory and Identity in Europe at the annual Conference of Europeanists in Philadelphia in April 2016, members expressed both excitement at the thriving of this interdisciplinary scholarly enterprise and trepidation over its future development.

The primary purpose of this conference is to think through the theoretical, methodological and professional challenges faced by memory studies as an interdisciplinary field of inquiry and practice. The overarching questions for the conference are: What is the identity of the memory studies field and how can/should we actively shape its future?

Another important aim of the conference is to set-up an international Memory Studies Association that will gather under its umbrella all the already existing smaller scholarly groups working on memory issues, as well as providing a home to research-oriented practitioners and policy-makers. Networking and exchange will be key for the conference.

The programme features 12 panels, three roundtables, a professional development and a teaching workshop. Among the speakers are: Jeffrey Olick, Daniel Levy, Astrid Erll, Michael Rothberg, Ann Rigney, Siobhan Kattago, Wulf Kansteiner and Andrew Hoskins.

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The deadline for registration is November 18, 2016.

Contact: Jenny Wüstenberg & Aline Sierp