Canberra Conference: Scales of Memory: Violence, (In)Justice, and the Dynamics of Remembrance

Konstanz Conference: Memory Transfers and Transformations

  • 25-27 June 2014
Place: Konstanz After a conference on ‘Memory without Borders’ (Utrecht June...

CfP: Human rights and memory

  • 4- 6 december 2014
Third Annual Conference of the Dialogues on Historical Justice and Memory Network Conference theme:...


Aleida Assmann

Aleida Assmann  University Konstanz Fachbereich Literaturwissenschaft/Anglistik Konstanz, Germany
The research group 'history and memory' (Forschungsgruppe Geschichte + Gedächtnis) was founded by Prof. Aleida Assmann at Konstanz in 2009 with the help of the Max Planck Research Award that she received in the same year. The group organizes public lectures, seminars, international workshops and conferences, and has hosted senior and junior fellows from various countries. Within NITMES Konstanz will provide particular expertise and input in relation to the European project.

Research group 'Geschichte und Gedächtnis':

Astrid Erll

Astrid Erll  The Frankfurt Memory Studies Platform Goethe University Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Memory Studies in Frankfurt has been actively pursued under the leadership of Prof. Astrid Erll within the framework of the Frankfurt Memory Studies Platform and the organisation of an international lecture series New Frontiers in Memory Studies. She is also involved as a work-group leader in the COST-project In Search of Transcultural Memory in Europe:
Within NITMES Frankfurt will provide particular expertise and input in relation to mediation and to postcolonial memory cultures.

Frankfurt Memory Studies Platform:

Rosanne Kennedy

Rosanne Kennedy  School of Cultural Inquiry Australian National University Canberra, Australia
The Australian National University has been host to several academic events in the field of memory studies in recent years; has developed close collaboration with the Forschungsgruppe Gedächtnis und Geschichte at Konstanz University within the framework of the DAAD/Go8-funded project “Memory and Migration: German Australian Dialogues in the Humanities’. The ANU ‘Memory Studies network’ is convened by Prof. Rosanne Kennedy, and brings together experts in different cultural regions and from different disciplines of cultural inquiry, including Prof. Tessa Morris-Suzuki, author of The Past within Us: Media, Memory, and History (Verso, 2005) and  Prof. Jacqueline Lo, co-author of Performance and Cosmopolitics (Palgrave, 2007). The ANU also has significant expertise in the area of human rights, with an Asia Rights network convened by Tessa Morris-Suzuki, and a Regulatory Institutions Network. Within NITMES, ANU will provide particular expertise in relation to human rights and memory cultures in Australia and Asia. In the coming months Prof. Rosanne Kennedy will be applying for additional local funding so as to maximalize the possibilities for participation of ANU in NITMES.

Michael Rothberg

Michael Rothberg  The Holocaust, Genocide, and Memory Studies Initiative University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, U.S.
The Holocaust, Genocide, and Memory Studies Initiative was inaugurated in fall 2009 at the University of Illinois. The interdisciplinary initiative—housed within the Program in Jewish Culture and Society—provides a platform for cutting-edge research, teaching, and public engagement related to the history, memory, and representation of genocide and trauma. Faculty offer courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels through departments such as Anthropology, Comparative Literature, English, German, History, Religion, and Slavic Studies. The Initiative also offers a Graduate Certificate in Holocaust, Genocide, and Memory Studies. HGMS regularly hosts a works-in-progress seminar where local and visiting faculty and graduate students present new research. Yearly conferences and frequent distinguished lectures have brought scholars from around the world to Illinois to discuss pressing issues in the study of memory, trauma, and genocide from a variety of disciplinary, methodological, and theoretical perspectives.  Within NITMES, Illinois will provide particular expertise and input in relation to the transnational recollection of genocide and postcolonial Europe.

Holocaust, Genocide, and Memory Studies Initiative:

Ann Rigney (project coordinator)

Ann Rigney (project coordinator)  Research Institute for History and Culture Utrecht University The Netherlands
Prof. Ann Rigney is the NITMES project leader. In the past years she has directed several related projects: The Dynamics of Cultural Remembrance (2006-2010) and Transnational Memory (2008-) She is also involved as a work group leader in the COST project: In Search of Transcultural Memory in Europe:
Within NITMES Utrecht will provide particular expertise and input in relation to mediation and to postcolonial and postconflict memory.

Barbara Törnquist-Plewa

Barbara Törnquist-Plewa  Centre for European Studies University of Lund, Sweden
The Centre for European Studies (CFE) at Lund University is a network organisation for co-operation between researchers from different faculties and departments doing European studies. In 2008 the centre initiatied a multidisicplinary research program in Memory studies, since 2009, coordinates Nordic research network in Memory financed by the Nordic Research Council. The centre hosts also other projects in memory studies such as a book project about memory of ethnic cleansings in Central and Eastern Europe and a multidisciplinary project  about memory and urban planning in several European cities financed by the Swedish Bank Trecentenary Foundation. Prof. Tornquist-Plewa is also director of the COST project In Search of Transcultural Memory in Europe:
Within the context of NITMES, Lund will provide particular expertise and input in relation to post-Communist Europe and (inter)national memory conflicts.

Nordic Research Network in Memory Studies 'Towards a Common Past':