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Public Lecture: Berlin Zoo Under the Shadow of the Swastika

  • April 4, 2019; 17.15-19.00; Drift 23, Room 104, Utrecht University

Mayke de Jong

Professor at the Department for History and Art History Faculty of Humanities Utrecht University

Mayke de Jong Mayke de Jong is interested in the perceptions of the biblical, classical and late antique past in the Carolingian period (c. 750-c. 900). She has published on the significance of biblical commentary for ninth-century constructions of an authoritative past, and was part of the HERA ESF project ‘Cultural Memory and the Resources of the Past, 400-1000’. She is presently writing Epitaph for an Era (to appear with CUP), a book on the articulation and re-definition of the core values of political elite at a time of crisis (c. 850), with special attention for the use of older rhetorical and literary traditions in the ordering and conceptualizing of a new and turbulent political world.