Mnemonics Keynote Lectures Now Online

Seminar with Daniele Salerno: Where Do Protesters Go in Winter? The Afterlives of Masses

  • 19 November 2019; 15.15-17.00; Trans 8, A.W. de Grootzaal, Utrecht University

Seminar with Astrid Erll: Literary Memory Activism in an Age of Migration: The Refugee Tales

  • 21 January 2020; 15.15-17.00; Drift 25, Room 0.01; Utrecht University

Britta Schilling

Assistant Professor of Cultural History at Utrecht University

Britta Schilling Britta Schilling is Assistant Professor of Cultural History at Utrecht University, specializing in European colonialism, memory and material culture. She is the author of Postcolonial Germany: Memories of Empire in a Decolonized Nation (Oxford: OUP, 2014) and is currently working on a comparative history of colonial homes in British, French and German territories in sub-Saharan Africa.