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Public Lecture: Berlin Zoo Under the Shadow of the Swastika

  • April 4, 2019; 17.15-19.00; Drift 23, Room 104, Utrecht University

Susanne Knittel

Assistant Professor of Comparative Literature, Department of Languages, Literature and Communication, Utrecht University

Susanne Knittel Susanne C. Knittel holds a PhD in Italian and Comparative Literature from Columbia University, New York, and has been Assistant Professor of Comparative Literature at Utrecht University since 2011. She is the author of The Historical Uncanny: Disability, Ethnicity, and the Politics of Holocaust Memory (Fordham UP, 2015), which explores the cultural mechanisms by which certain memories become inscribed into the heritage of a country or region while others are erased or forgotten. The Historical Uncanny is a comparative study of German and Italian post-WWII memory culture, with a particular focus on the memory of Nazi euthanasia in Germany and the memory of fascism and the German occupation in North-Eastern Italy. Her current research project, Faces of Evil: The Figure of the Perpetrator in Contemporary Memory Culture, examines the role representations of perpetrators play in the memory cultures of post-communist Romania and post-reunification Germany.